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About Us

This website and the idea of selling items online began in a classroom at a local university. Most of us were just getting started with dreams of building websites and starting a new career a few of us were just retiring not through working and wanting to do something different.

Teal Deals is the 4th generation of our endeavor to be a manufacturers representative but using eCommerce.

We have finally found the mix of talents that work. The technical, customer service, inventory, website and sales parts of the company are now ab;e to get our customers quality products from the far east for much cheaper than even Walmart or Amazon.

Few can remember the 1970’s when the largest car company in the world was challenged by imports. It changed the way we thought about automobiles. In most cases we can over comparable prices from businesses that are not well known in the United States but have found success in other parts of the world.

Feel free to call, chat, email or just fill out the contact form for more company information.

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